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Buying Glasses: Online vs. Optical Store

In today's world, where a growing number of consumers have become used to shopping for anything and everything through the Internet, glasses are a product that you should consider buying in person. Why? Even though you may encounter reduced rates on e-commerce sites, the benefits of going to an optician far exceed the ''deals'' you might encounter through the Internet.

One of the best reasons for buying glasses at an optical boutique rather than online is that you have a qualified optician to guide you in your selection. Our staff can walk you through the many variables you need to consider in selecting the right eyeglasses. If you purchase through the Internet, you forgo the personalized input of a professional optician.

Since each of us possesses a unique shape and structure, it is difficult to select properly fitted glasses without first testing them on your face. An optometrist will take your measurements and assist you in choosing a pair of glasses that fit you just right and won't cause discomfort. Eyeglasses that are too small tend to cause pressure and headaches, while frames that are too big can slip off the bridge of your nose. Online optical boutiques may give suggestions, however this doesn't compare to expert opinion.

Beyond the fit and feel of your eyeglasses, good vision requires accurate Pupillary Distance measurement. The optical focus of your lenses provides you the best vision, making it essential to properly calculate the pupillary distance, or PD. It can be complicated to determine your PD by yourself, but without this measurement, your lenses won't be aligned properly within the frames.

True, online buying can be good for other purchases, but in the case of glasses your best bet is sticking to your local optometry office where you are able to benefit from the staff expertise and advice.