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10 Ways to Safeguard Your Eyes This Summer

Now that summer has finally arrived it’s time to ensure you keep your eyes protected from the risks of UV exposure and other summertime dangers.

Here are some tips to safe in the sun:

  1. Buy glasses that provide proper UV protection. If your glasses don’t offer 100% UV protection to guard your eyes from the dangers of UV exposure, they may be resulting in more damage than benefit.  Don’t worry, proper UV blockage doesn’t mean a higher price – many reasonably priced options provide full UV defense.

  2. Wear larger shades. In the realm of sun protection, the bigger the better. When possible, opt for sunglasses with broad lenses (which are fortunately in fashion) and wraparound frames.

  3. Wear a large protective hat. While sunglasses are a great first UV barrier, a large hat will provide the added protection you need to guard your eyes from harmful UV rays.

  4. Sport sunglasses when the sun is hidden. Even when the sun doesn’t seem to be shining, UV can still reach your eyes and cause damage. Don’t be deceived by a cloudy day.

  5. Keep an emergency pair of sunglasses. You never know when your glasses will get lost or broken. Having a spare will save you from being stranded without eye protection.

  6. Drink enough. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will not only prevent dehydration and dry skin but it will ensure your eyes are hydrated as well.

  7. Stay inside during the middle of the day. Stay indoors when possible especially in the late morning and afternoon when the sun is at its most powerful and the highest levels of UV are in the air.

  8. Consider purchasing polarized lenses. Since they reduce glare from reflective surfaces, polarized lenses are great for water-based activities and driving.

  9. Use swimming goggles to guard your eyes from water-borne bacteria or swimming pool chemicals. Because the sun’s rays reflect off water you can get a double exposure to UV so make sure swimming goggles block UV as well.

  10. Be careful with sunscreen. If applied near the eyes there is a chance it will enter the eye and cause irritation and burning.